Other Initiatives

Strengthening changemakers

within the community

Certificate Course in Career Counselling

To advocate career counselling, 50 hours Career Counselling course was initiated in Pune. The course is conducted by Dr. Shreeram Geet and Dr. Shirisha Sathe.

The course covers:

  • • Brief about all educational options after grade 10
  • • All educational options after grade 12
  • • Talks by external professionals from industry, including skillsets required
  • • Case studies with career assessment reports, interpretation and discussion

Parenting Workshops – Palkanchi Shaala

The parenting workshops are 7 hours, 2 days’ programs that consist of lectures and sessions with eminent doctors and experts. The workshops talk about problems faced by our children at various age groups and how to handle them. The sessions are targeted towards parents of children who are studying anywhere between grades 1 to 12.

The workshop covers various aspects

  • • How careers are changing in the 21st century and the confusion related to it
  • • Academic progress
  • • Behaviours
  • • Child’s friends and peers
  • • Setting expectations
  • • Child development (5-10 years old)
  • • Childhood to adolescence
  • • Communication between siblings
  • • Hobby, play, TV, internet, mobile
  • • How to interpret a report card and choosing a career
  • • Diet, exercise
  • • Maintaining satisfaction/contentment, happiness and peace within a house

Teacher Training

After the development of ‘Self-Development and Art Appreciation’ curriculum for grades 9 and 10, the SAF team would collaborate with 34 secondary school teachers of Marathi-medium PMC schools in Pune through learning circles. The primary objective of these learning circles was to create a teachers’ community where they could share knowledge and have an open dialogue amongst each other. In these learning circles, the facilitators of SAF extended additional support to them by conducting workshops.

The teachers were trained on

  • • How the rubric at the end of each chapter of the textbooks work
  • • How to de-brief conversations, initiate learning circles with students
  • • Bringing the culture of positive discipline in the classroom

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