The Challenge

Adolescence is both a period of high vulnerability as well as highest potential for learning. Neurological developments coupled with physiological changes often lead to behaviours that may negatively impact their life.

In the past, teachers and textbooks were the only sources of information and life skills were imparted by joint families and communities. However, today information is accessible to anyone, anywhere while avenues to learn life skills have narrowed.

There is an urgent need to build the capacity of secondary school teachers who work with adolescents and equip them with information and application-based tools.

There is also a need for teachers to transition from a traditional role to that of a facilitator and guide, so that they can prepare their students for challenges and careers in the 21st century.

The Solution

An online teacher-mentor training program that equips teachers to understand adolescent behaviours, provide career guidance to their students and learn skills to grow both professionally and personally. The course ensures 100% learning and keeps teacher engagement high throughout the course of being associated with the course where the teachers learn about:

  • • Demands of the 21st century
  • • Neurological developments of the adolescent brain
  • • Effective communication with adolescents
  • • Self-Development for teachers
  • • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)
  • • Positive Discipline
  • • Techniques for career guidance
  • • Mental health
  • • Remedial teaching
  • • Teacher in different roles – a person, facilitator, democratic leader, anchor and career counsellor

How it works

1. Induction
SAF partners with the education department of the State Government of Maharashtra.
Selected participants and teachers are oriented about the project, need for the training and how to navigate the e-learning technology.

2. Online Training
Teachers undergo the online training which is self-paced and delivered through a mobile app and website in the participants’ regional language.
The training comprises of engaging videos, audio, pictures, interactive assignments, PowerPoint presentations and reading materials. Stringent baseline, end-line, and continuous assessment ensure 100% learning.

Our reach

41,607 participants (one Headmaster and two teachers from 14000+ state board secondary schools) are a part of this program with a very low dropout rate.
Maharashtra State Council for Educational Research and Training (MSCERT) has certified Level 1 as ‘Career Master’ and Level 4 as a ‘Career Diploma’.



teachers trained


Schools registered


Talukas covered


of the teachers believe that the training has equipped them to handle issues of adolescents better.

felt that the online training was useful for their personal and professional growth.

felt that the training will help them perform the role of a teacher more effectively.

believe that the training could be useful for others in the education sector.

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