The Challenge

Government of Maharashtra launched the Maharashtra International Education Board (MIEB) in 2018 with a vision to establish a Board in the state that provides locally rooted but internationally relevant education to our learners in their mother tongue.

It has been proved that students' academic and social development is dependent on the expertise, energy, inspiration and imagination of the teachers and leaders in the school.

Hence, enhancing the individual expertise of a teacher and school leader becomes critical to meet the demands of the current generation learning.

The Solution

Providing continuous professional development for the teachers of MIEB-affiliated schools to achieve the expected outcomes.

SAF is the Training Service Provider (TSP) for MIEB. As a TSP, SAF is involved in the development and conduction of training programs – both offline and online.

How it works

A team of experts at SAF, in consultation with MIEB, developed training content.

The content was delivered through a combination of Offline and Online Training.



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